Senator Judges in Corona Impeachment will be Forced to Render Judgment on What is Not Known

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Chief Justice Renato Corona refuses to reveal his foreign currency deposits.

Chief Justice Renato Corona has set up some pretty effective “privacy roadblocks” that is preventing the Impeachment Court from finding out exactly how much money he has amassed in his short time in the Supreme Court.

The accumulation of extravagant wealth, sizable enough for a subsidiary of one of the country’s biggest banks to help hide, compels one to ask how one could possibly amass that much wealth without doing anything illegal or without having to engage in graft and corruption.

After all, that’s where the big money comes from.  And in the case of government officials and civil servants, the burden is really on them to prove that the large amount of money in their possession didn’t come from corruption.

Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s dissenting opinion describes the Supreme Court order stopping the opening of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s dollar accounts as having created “a safe haven for criminal acts” and “cultivated an atmosphere of impunity.”

In a 30-page dissenting opinion to last week’s decision by the high tribunal to temporarily stop the opening of Corona’s foreign currency deposit, Sereno said the Constitution itself mandated public officials to disclose all of their assets and that failing to do so would constitute “prima facie evidence of unexplained wealth.”

If Corona continues to hide his foreign currency deposits, the Senator sitting as judges in the Impeachment Trial may be forced to render a verdict on Corona that is based more on what they DON’T KNOW rather than what they DO KNOW.

In plain and simple terms, that just like hiring someone for a crucial job that involves the safekeeping of valuable items without an NBI or Police Clearance — which is actually proof that they haven’t committed any crime.


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